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Next Meeting:  Tuesday, June 16, 2015 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (CDT)

Building an Awesome Web Dev Workflow with Gulp - Eric Sowell

If you are paying close attention to the front-end web development space, you have probably heard of things like Gulp and Grunt. Both are build systems/tasks runners. These sound terribly boring but in reality they are very handy tools. In this meetup we will focus on using one of them (Gulp) and how it can help us solve a number of problems in web development. Along the way we'll also discuss Node, NPM, Bower, JSX, Typescript, ES6, Browserify, Web Pack, SASS, JavaScript unit-testing automation, et al. So if you aren't already familiar with all these tools, I'll show you how you can use them to help you in your web development.

About The Speaker

Eric is a Senior Architect for and works on its iOS app, web applications (ASP.NET and Node), API and whatever else comes up. In his spare time he plays with tech he doesn't get to use at work (Python and Clojure at the moment) and spends a lot of time studying Greek. He is the author of Mobile ASP.NET MVC 5 with Apress, rarely blogs at and Tweets by the name @mallioch.

Parking and meeting location

From Camp Bowie Blvd turn North onto Clifton St. then turn left into the parking lot. The entrance is at the top left of the parking lot by the flag poles. After entering the building the elevators are on the far side, take them down to the first floor and we will be in room 108.


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